02/08/20 - Total Destruction Results POSTED! Heartbreaker Card POSTED! Title History UPDATED!

The City of Brotherly Love will be overrun with hate, blood, and violence when Adam Cole defends the SGW World Heavyweight Championship against "The King of the Goths" Jimmy Havoc! Jinny defends the SGW Women's World Championship and we find out which man will get an opportunity to elevate himself into the main event when we crown a brand new SGW Elevation Champion! With a reputation as one of SGW's most infamous events, how will Heartbreaker 2020 stack up? There's only one way to find out!

Total Destruction Results HERE | Heartbreaker Card HERE

Matt Emerson was an important part of the SGW family from its beginning in 1999 until its closure in 2006. During his tenure, Matt carried himself with great intensity and passion. Matt passed away in 2013, leaving our circle and the world a darker place. In honor of his years of service and friendship, we dedicate this endeavor to his memory. Thank you, Matt.       - J


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